Our service compromise solar packages for electrification from small appliances with only 1 or 2 lights up to big solar home systems. Furthermore we specialized on street light, solar water pumping systems, energy supply for telecommunications and also wind turbines and hybrid systems with solar, wind and conventional generators.

Solar home system

Solar modules convert freely available sunlight directly into electricity without being used up. Solar electric systems require very little maintenance. However, it may interest you to know thatour solar panels are of advanced semi-conductor, high precisions, hail-proofed, has weatherconditioned and guaranteed for 25years.

Services Include:

Solar home system inverter

There are many ways that solar energy can be used effectively. Applications of solar energy use can be grouped into there are three primary categories:

heating/cooling, electricity production, water supply and water purification. The most widely used applications are for water and space heating.Ventilation solar air heating is also growing in popularity. Uptake of electricity producing solar technologies is increasing for the applications photovoltaics (primarily) and concentrating PV- technologies. Due to recent advances in solar detoxification technologies for cleaning water and air, these applications hold promise to be competitive with conventional technologies. save up to 30% -