Solar Station Nigeria Ltd.


We are an independent distribution and services company for renewable energy systems based in Badagry - Lagos State - Nigeria.

Our business objects are:

Because of the non-constant energy supply in Nigeria, many Nigerians have turn to other energy sources.

Adapted to the Nigerian demands - Solar Station Nig. Ltd. in Co-operation with SolarKonzept Berlin have developed independent power systems that are based on solar energy.

Our service offerings compromise solar packages for electrification from small appliances with only 1 or 2 lights up to big solar home systems.

Furthermore we are specializedsolar street light

With solar energy there is an assurance of :

dot2 Security through constant lighting at homes and on the streets

dot2 Availability of electricity through individual planning of the systems

dot2 Non- consumption of fuel and other energy sources like wood or coal

dot2 Sustainability (solar modules convert freely sunlight into electricity without being used up)